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Polite Puppy Manners

6-week class - ages 8 to 18 weeks
In Polite Puppy Manners, we gently and effectively, through positive reinforcement training, introduce our young pups to basic manners skills like: sit, down, recall/come, stay, wait, watch, polite leash walking, leave it, give, as well as sit/stays and down stays. During the course of our skills training, we will also focus on the prevention of problem behaviors and common issues such as jumping on guests, bite inhibition (puppy biting), separation anxiety, housetraining, barking, digging, chewing and more. Socialization is a big highlight and temperament training during puppy play. $140 including tax 

Polite Manners 1

7-week class - 19 weeks to any age; beginner level
In Polite Manners 1, we gently and effectively, through positive reinforcement training, teach our young pups to adult beginners the following manners skills: sit, down, recall/come, stay, wait, watch, polite leash walking, leave it, give, sit/stay, down/stay, safe/polite greetings. We work on common behavior issues such as over excitement, attention/focus, chewing inappropriate things, attention seeking behaviors, greeting guests and other dogs calmly and more. $150 including tax 

Polite Manners 2

6-week class - dogs of any age that have completed a puppy class or beginner class
This class consists of 6 Group classes. In this course we will focus on fine tuning your dog’s basic skills at a more proficient level. We will work on new skills with more challenges and more distractions for even better manners. This is a fun skills challenge class, which includes skills like sit and stays with added distractions, place, relax, and an introduction to dog sports. $150 including tax 

Tricks & Games

6-week class - for dogs of all ages held on Sundays

A great way to have fun with your dog while  reinforcing basic obedience training. This class will start with basic  tricks such as shake and roll over, and will work up to more difficult  tasks like dogs weaving through their handler’s legs. Tricks are an  enjoyable way to strengthen the relationship between dogs and their  people, and can be a healthy outlet for energetic dogs who need lots of  activity to stay out of trouble.  $130 including tax


Teri Rudolph


 Teri Rudolph is a true dog lover first, and a dog trainer second. She knows first-hand the difference dog training makes in the relationship between dog and owner. Without professional training, it can sometimes be a frustrating relationship.  However, with an investment in kind, gentle and humane training, a wonderful transformation will occur. She spent a lot of time volunteering at the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society, where Teri came to realize that a lack of good training was often the reason that owners would surrender wonderful pets that just needed to be taught good manners.   She is a 2010 graduate of the Animal Behavior College where she earned certification as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer. In July of 2012, she also became certified as an ABC Mentor Trainer to help inspire and train others who may choose dog training as a career. 

Learn more about Teri's dog training services:

Shannon Frame


 Shannon Frame is a recent graduate of the Animal Behavior College’s Dog  obedience program, and is an ABC Certified Dog Trainer. A lifelong  animal lover, she received a degree in Animal Science from the  University of Kentucky and has since made a career of working with  horses and dogs. Living with and learning from her two rescue hounds is  what motivated her to become a dog trainer. Shannon enjoys helping  people figure out how dogs learn, and how to effectively teach their  dogs new things. She believes that training isn’t just useful for having  a well behaved canine companion, but is essential to strengthen the  bond between a person and their pet. With that in mind, her goal is to  utilize positive reinforcement training methods to help dogs and their  people live better lives together.

Shannon is currently offering the following classes: Puppy Manners,  Basic Manners 1, Basic Manners 2, and Tricks And Games. Private training  sessions are also available and are tailored to your and your dog's  specific needs.   For more information about her training services please visit


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