Our Service & Care Guarantee to You

Dog's Retreat is operated in a family-fun setting where hours of personal and group attention are given to your dog. We provide a fun, relaxing and social environment.

Watch your four-legged friends on our Webcam as they receive individual play, love and attention from our trained staff. They can be observed when playing inside and out in our fenced play area.

Dogs will be supervised by our professional staff who have been trained by Teri Rudolph, Dog's Retreat certified dog trainer.

Boarding at Dog's Retreat can be customized to meet your dog's personal needs. Sleepover options include crates, private rooms or free roaming areas. Dog's Retreat will work with you to provide the necessary boarding conditions.

Before picking up your dog, have them visit our grooming salon run by our experienced groomer, Andrea Dillenbeck. She will bathe, cut and have your dog ready at pick up time smelling fresh and clean.

Stop in to see us today at Dog's Retreat to schedule your dog's interview!

Please complete this application and bring it into
Dog's Retreat or email it to dogsretreatlatham@gmail.com